School Board

School Board

The School Board of Hastings Public Schools, ISD 200, is comprised of seven community members elected at-large on Election Day in November of even-numbered years. To avoid having all seven seats up for election simultaneously, the seats are balloted on an alternating basis, with four spots being available one year and the remaining three available two years later. The process then repeats itself. Members are elected to four-year terms.

The Hastings School Board operates under a governance structure responsible for setting policies that ensure the successful execution of the District's mission. The Board is also responsible for hiring a superintendent to administer the District's educational program, carry out Board policies, and set an annual budget that ensures proper and effective use of public funds.

Board Members

Philip Biermaier

Philip Biermaier, Director
(651) 295-3064
Term Ends January 1st, 2028

Matt Bruns

Matt Bruns, Director
(651) 226-5697
Term Ends January 1st, 2028

Jessica Dressely

Jessica Dressely, Vice-Chairperson
(651) 366-7130
Term Ends January 1st, 2026

Melissa Millner

Melissa Millner, Clerk
(651) 353-4325
Term Ends January 1st, 2028

Carrie Tate

Carrie Tate, Chairperson
(612) 354-0732
Term Ends January 1st, 2026

Jenny Wiederholt-Pine

Jenny Wiederholt-Pine, Director
(651) 503-3161
Term Ends January 1st, 2028

Mark Zuzek

Mark Zuzek, Treasurer
(651) 335-0786
Term Ends January 1st, 2026


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